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Simple Steps to Protect Your Business From Crime


Criminal activity can be detrimental to your business; as much as 30 percent of all business failures can be attributed to criminal activity. According to the FBI, there were more than 112,000 burglaries reported in 2011 the state of Ohio alone2; with such daunting statistics, how can a managers protect their businesses from crime?

Corporate security must be taken seriously by all employees; from the CEO to the mail room clerk, nothing will protect your business like awareness.  A detailed security strategy should be created, policy changes made, and all staff members should be familiarized with the new protocols.

Security protocols and employee training can only go so far; the following is a list of suggested ideas that could enhance the integrity of your security environment.


  • Ensure your alarm system is functioning properly.
  • Constantly identify new threats to your business.
  • Look for patterns (Are burglars using the same door each time?).
  • Hire an alarm response company.
  • Inventory which employees have keys, access cards, or alarm pass codes.
  • Make sure all entry points are in working order and secure properly.


Criminal activity can take place at any place and any time and it is your responsibility to be proactive and protect your business.  Making simple but effective changes to your corporate security strategy can make a drastic difference to your security environment and your bottom line.


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