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Our Hiring Process   arrow

In order to identify candidates that are best fit to join our team, T.D. Security Services has implemented a thorough hiring process that prospective officers should be familiar with.


Step 1

The first step in our hiring process begins with a candidate completing our application.  Applications can be completed on-line here, faxed to our office, or obtained in person Monday through Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm.  All applications are reviewed in as timely a manner as possible and this process generally takes between one and four weeks.


Step 2

After an application is reviewed, the selected candidate will be contacted by our recruitment staff when a number of pre-employment screening questions will be asked. A candidate’s answers will determine whether an application moves on from this stage.


Step 3

The third step in our hiring process consists of an in person interview conducted at our offices.  Candidates should come well prepared with copies of any requested documents, a list of three professional references, and any questions that they would like to ask concerning T.D. Security.


Step 4

Candidates that pass the initial interview will then be vetted by our recruiting staff.  References and employment history will be carefully examined before a candidate allowed to progress to the next step.   This step usually takes approximately one to two weeks.


Step 5

A second interview will be conducted with a candidate as soon as convenient with a different interviewer.  This interview will be arranged at the earliest convenience.


Step 6

A candidate’s responses in the first and second interviews are considered and weighed along with other information gathered throughout the application process and a final judgment is rendered and selected applicants will be contingently offered a position with T.D. Security Services pending the results of a drug test.


Step 7

Our final step is orientation; an officer is issued uniforms and equipment, a schedule, files their employment paperwork, and is briefed on the rules and norms of joining our team.  Officers are then prepared to be assigned to work and begin their career with T.D. Security Services!


As you can see our hiring process is selective however it is crucial that we provide the best possible officer to ensure the caliber of service that our customers have come to expect.  If you have any questions not answered in this section please refer to our other career pages or contact our recruiting staff here.


The following is a few final things for prospective candidates to remember.

*Please do not contact our office regarding the status of a specific application, due the volume of candidates we process it is simply impossible to address these calls; ant candidate that contacts T.D. Security concerning the status of their application will be removed from the process. 

*You will not be contacted further by T.D. Security staff if your application is rejected at any stage of the hiring process.

*We archive all applications for 6 months. Candidates that are not initially accepted are encouraged to re-apply after 6 months.


We hope that this page has helped familiarize you with our hiring process and we look forward to receiving your application.

Good luck!