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Security is an ever changing field and it may be hard to imagine what a working for one of Ohio’s leading security guard providers is really going to be like; we hope that this guide will help.

When you think of a security guard do you think of a night watchmen patrolling an empty building in the dark of the night? Do you think of a loss prevention officer following a shoplifter? Or maybe you think of a safety coordinator directing the evacuation of a high rise apartment building?  The truth is that all of those thoughts and many more are correct visions of the modern security officer.

Our officer find themselves in a variety of roles day to day; the following list should give you an idea of the kind of positions our staff find themselves in.

Our officers can be expected to interacting with customers, working with

Although this list gives you an idea



Q: Is being a security officer safe?

A: Yes, the safety of our officers is our companies’ biggest concern; that being said security officers do face some challenges that other jobs don’t.  Our officers can expect to be exposed to in climate weather, difficult environments, and the criminal element on a daily basis.

Q: Will I be working with technology?

A: Security officers can expect to work with a myriad of technologies including access control devices, metal detectors, state-of-the-art camera systems, GPS, and other security related equipment. Even if you are not familiar with this equipment we train all of our staff thoroughly.  

Q: Is security an active job or will I be sitting at a desk all day?

A: Security can be a dynamic and active career but also may require work at a desk.  Each of our clients is unique with their own set of needs so we have positions available in both categories.

Q: Is security just another job or can I start a career?

A: With an ever growing company, progressively difficult responsibilities, numerous licenses to obtain, and a corporate structure that promotes from within, what do you think?


We hope that we have answered some of the questions about what it is like being a security officer with T.D. Security Services and if this sounds like something you are interested in we encourage you to apply for a position.